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We founded theWORK in 2016 to connect ambitious candidates who are looking to explore the world and build an international career with opportunities to work in the best hospitality brands in the Middle East."

Hospitality is not a job; it is a lifestyle. No matter where you are from, whether you are an aspiring talent or an experienced professional, if you have a calling for hospitality, we would be happy to help you find your next challenge.

Oksana Bratishkina,
Co-founder and COO theWORK



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  • Requirements

    ● The only mandatory requirement for work in GULF countries is Spoken English. This is the language that is used both for communication within your team and with customers. ● As there are high percentage of expats and tourists English is probably used as much if not more than Arabic.● Level of English language requirements is different for different positions, it depends on whether the role involves day to day interactions with guests, on the level of the establishment and company preferences. ● Minimal level is Intermediate. ● The rest of the requirements will depend on the position itself and will not much differ from requirements for the same roles in other countries.● Usually at list 6-month experience in the same role is also required.● If you are aiming to find a job in a luxury venue high-end venue the requirements will be higher as well as competition.● In GULF countries employers value local experience, a lot. Having worked in the Middle East means that you are familiar with high standards of service that are imposed, and you are used to dealing with very diverse cliental. So, for your second contract it will be easier to find a job.● If you don’t have any experience in hospitality there are still options for you, but you should be ready to start with lower positions and work your way up.

  • Accommodation

    ● There are two options for accommodation: it is either provided (for free) by employer or compensated financially as a live out allowance, which will be paid on top of your basic salary. ● For line staff positions candidate is usually provided with a space in shared bedroom (could be 2 to 4 people depending on the size of the rooms) plus there is always common living ● ACCOMMODATION TYPES       - villas      - apartments      - staff housing       * - room and kitchen, and maybe some other facilities. ● All the accommodations are equipped with all necessary furniture andhousehold appliances. ● Often there could be free access to a swimming pool, gym, lounge etc.● For supervisory level positions and above usually provided single room in shared accommodations.● Examples of the accommodations from some of our employers

  • Length of the contract

    ● Contracts in the Middle East are usually signed for 2 years, sometimes indefinitely and rarely for 1 year. The first 3-6 months depending on the country is a probation period, but it does not differ in salary or other bonuses. The main difference is that the termination of the contract is possible without notice period.● Annual vacation is 24-30 days per year, depending on the country and can be used partially after completion of probation period, but more often it is provided after 12 months of work. At this time, you can go home or travel somewhere as you pleased.

  • Visa process

    ● Visa process for UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman is very simple. ● Employer obtains a work visa for the candidate online and shares it with the candidate. It takes 1 to 4 weeks.● Candidate is only required to submit a passport and a photo for visa. ● Often companies also require candidates to undergo a few medical tests to make sure that upon arrival they will be able to receive a medical insurance (HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, X-ray etc.) ● Candidate does not have to go to embassy and receive any stamps before traveling. The visa will be stamped into passport upon arrival. ● Visa process for Kuwait and KSA is a not complicated also but requires a little bit more effort from candidate’s side. ● Main difference is that to get visa to KSA or Kuwait candidate will have to visit an embassy in his/her home country and prepare few documents, such as police clearance and medical report of a certain form. ● Our company provides informational support throughout the whole onboarding process and leads candidates step by step through all the stages. 

  • Termination of the contract

    ● Termination of the contract is possible at any time. Terms of termination is usually specified in a work contract. ● Our recommendation though is not to terminate the contract for at least a year, because this will raise a red flag to the next company you will be applying to. Job-hopper is not very desirable candidate. This is of course in case there is no strong reasons for immediate termination. 

  • Working hours

    ● All the GULF countries have 6 working days weeks, with day off on Friday. But for service sphere days off will be always defined based on internal schedule so it could be different days of the week. Working hours are 8 or 9 plus 1-hour break. Start and end of work will depend on operating hours of the company. 

  • Additional expenses

    ● All expenses are covered by employers. - Visa - Tickets- Insurance- Accommodation- Transportation- Recruitment fees ● Only expenses candidate bares himself/herself is preparing documents for the embassy (medical tests, police clearance translations – if needed).