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Good to know

22 Feb

The most luxurious hotels

The most luxurious hotels There are so many incredible and shocking places around the world! This time, the focus is on the most luxurious hotels! The most expensive and the highest hotel is situated in Dubai. There are no Standard Rooms in Burj Al Arab. All 202 rooms are two-storied suites. The smallest room is …
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18 Feb

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai They say that the emirate’s name comes from the English «do buy», which means “to make purchases.” And, truly, here you can buy everything from spices to rare furs. With that as a shopping place, you can choose a huge breathtaking shopping centers, as well as small cozy shops and traditional markets …
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15 Feb

Few tips for women in UAE

Few tips for women in UAE Many people think that European women are not safe to travel to the eastern country. In fact, it is believed that the Muslim countries – is the safest place for a respectable woman who travels with the aim to relax and enrich the cultural, rather than looking for adventures. …
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13 Feb

Why Dubai?

Why Dubai? Hard to believe that this place just few decades ago was a typical port town, and there was not even a hint to all the luxury and abundance that we see today. Inimitable, ultra-modern architecture mesmerizes with its greatness. The best hotels are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, along with …
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11 Feb

Do`s and Don’ts in the UAE?

Do`s and Don’ts in the UAE? Traveling to a foreign country with a completely different culture and religion always has its own specifics. The United Arab Emirates is no exception. To stay in this country and get only positive memories, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. Obtaining the laws, you will be …
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09 Feb

Travel to the United Arab Emirates

Travel to the United Arab Emirates Only 40 years ago on the territory of the United Arab Emirates there was a desert, and today it is one of the most amazing countries with promising and rapidly developing economy where tourism take one of the leading positions. The UAE is country of eternal summer, along with …
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