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Main requirements for employment in the UAE?


There are few major basic requirements required for each job seeker in the UAE:

  • Age 21-35 years
  • Spoken English. The higher level of English, the more chances to get in expensive hotels and restaurants and, accordingly, get paid more.
  • You will also need a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of your employment contract. So, if you want to go today, for 1 year, then the passport must be valid for the next year and a half.
  • Work experience is desirable, but not always compulsory for certain jobs.
  • Presentable and neat appearance will help to find a job quicker.

What is the minimum contract period?


The minimum term of work contract is 1 year, often practiced contracts for 2-3 years. Employers prefer to have long-term working relations, because expenses for each employee are quite big, taking into account that they pay for flights, accommodation, meals and insurance of foreign workers.

What professions are in demand at the moment in the UAE?


The UAE has a very developed tourism and the service sector. Since the construction of hotels and restaurants in this country does not stop, the demand is growing corresponding jobs such as a waiter, hostess, bartender, manager, manager, doorman, concierge, dealer, lifeguard, guard, cashier, airport workers service.

The second big direction of work is sale. Huge number of shopping malls have need for sale positions, consultants, and other store employees.

There are also rarer jobs that we inform about on our website and our official pages on social networks.

What documents are needed for a work visa in the UAE?


Following documents are required to obtain a visa:

  1. The signed work contract
  2. Copy of the passport`s 1st page (color)
  3. Photo 3×4 cm
  4. The completed visa application

Visa processing takes place entirely in the UAE without the participation of the employee.

Upon arrival in the country every employee undergoes a medical examination within 10 days (blood tests, chest X-ray), paid by the employer.

Is there demand for specialists from Ukraine and the CIS?


Immigrants from the CIS countries are especially in demand in tourism, trade and the service sector, where the positions involve communication with customers. Employers value spoken English, good level of education and overall development. Therefore, it is hiring educated immigrants from Ukraine and CIS countries.

What are working conditions and accommodation like?


All depends on the job and the employer. In hotels, for example, shift work schedule and stay on site, or in a separate building. In general, usually accommodation is local apartments for 2-4 person. Apartments are in good repair and have everything necessary for the modern man. Housing in most cases is located close to the place of work, if not, employer provides a shuttle service.

How does your company work?

  1. The first thing to do – is to fill out our application form / resume where you specify your personal and professional data and suggestions for the further choice of job.
  2. After that, we assign you an online interview to test your English.
  3. Next, we sign a contract and begin the search for suitable vacancies. In parallel, we will help you prepare for a job interview with an employer, which is usually held on Skype.
  4. When you are approved for the job, we take care of the issuing of the necessary documents, visa, coordinate trip details, deliver documents to the employer, etc.

    Download resume template here.

How often do the candidates fail the interview?


Not often, but this also happens. In this case, it is important to understand why you have failed. This may be due to various reasons. But in any case, it is useful experience for you and will help to prepare yourself for the next interview.

How does interview go?


Interview with the employer usually done through skype in English. In addition to general questions about you and your experience employer may ask questions related to the vacancy you are applying for, for example, types of roasting meat, table setting, etc. for waiters.

Is it possible to break the contract early?


This is not desirable, but possible. Each contract contents information about such situations and they settled it the provisions of the contract. If the termination of the contract happens at your request, you will likely be required to pay a fine stipulated by the contract, and buy return ticket yourself. You will also need to work for a month (sometimes 2 weeks). By visa conditions you will have to leave the country. But you can come back in the future, for a new job.

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