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Why Dubai?

Hard to believe that this place just few decades ago was a typical port town, and there was not even a hint to all the luxury and abundance that we see today. Inimitable, ultra-modern architecture mesmerizes with its greatness. The best hotels are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, along with Palm Island – one of the most ambitious and amazing engineering solutions worldwide.


The ideal climate for a the best relax and tan, incredible clubs, where you can go all night, and incomparable shopping, that’s why Dubai is considered one of the best resorts in the world, with its own unique atmosphere and style.

Pleasant surprises

A very special place with the tallest buildings in the world and the seven-star hotel, where night can cost you thousands of dollars, absolutely hospitably to the tourists with a smaller budget. That’s the beauty of the resort, here you can plunge into astonishing luxury, or you can rest comfortably on the limited budget.

Many people call Dubai a tourist diamond, because simply there is no other place like this. You can sunbathe on the beach and pamper yourself with delicious cocktails or, on the same day, to visit a real ski resort.