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Travel to the United Arab Emirates

Travel to the United Arab Emirates

Only 40 years ago on the territory of the United Arab Emirates there was a desert, and today it is one of the most amazing countries with promising and rapidly developing economy where tourism take one of the leading positions.


The UAE is country of eternal summer, along with the incredible luxury harmoniously coexists with conservatism of the Muslim world, as well as ultra-modern motifs with the oldest traditions. As we said the UAE is a Muslim country with its own culture and rules, so we suggest you to first get acquainted with the subtleties of behavior in the emirate you are going to.

A few practical tips for those who are visiting the United Arab Emirates:

  • It is batter to change money in special exchange offices rather than in a hotel, where the exchange rate will not be in your favor;
  • Outlets in the UAE are British, with three holes, you can take the adapter with you or purchase at the store;
  • Taxis are relatively affordable form of transport to move around and it is the most convenient, the minimum cost of the trip is about 73 uah;
  • The official language is Arabic, but almost all the locals speak English, so you will always be able to explain yourself;
  • The extra couple hundred dollars will not interfere, especially if you are planning to go for shopping, what is not to do in Dubai is extremely difficult.