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The most luxurious hotels

The most luxurious hotels


There are so many incredible and shocking places around the world! This time, the focus is on the most luxurious hotels!

The most expensive and the highest hotel is situated in Dubai. There are no Standard Rooms in Burj Al Arab. All 202 rooms are two-storied suites. The smallest room is 170 square meters. Impressed? By the way, the largest room is about 800 square meters. The cost of the cheapest suite is $ 1,500 per night. Of course, not everyone can afford such luxury. Another important detail: the hotel first in the world got 7 stars. Besides this magnificent building is one of the most recognizable symbols of Dubai.

Another hotel that claims for the title of the most luxurious and exclusive is Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It has more than 1,400 slot machines, and, of course, there is a huge casino. The hotel’s casino even has its own lounge on luxury car sales.

The complete opposite of first two nominees is Ice Hotel. Creative hotel is entirely made of ice, and for the two-room suite you will have to pay only about $ 200 per night. There is also an ice chapel in which tourists can get marry and even baptize the child. Even cocktails in the hotel bar are served in ice glasses. Original? Perhaps more than anything. In the spring construction melts so the hotel works just 5 months per year. That is why the hotel is restored every year to welcome guests again.

The most exclusive hotel in Prague – Aria Hotel is considered one of the best luxury hotels in the world. There is an incredibly romantic atmosphere, and every floor is filled with the sounds of music. Each guest can choose the appropriate musical accompaniment of his stay. It can be jazz, modern and classical music, etc. The atmosphere at the hotel a truly magical and fantastic. Design of the hotel belongs to famous Italian designer Rocco Magnoli.