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Few tips for women in UAE

Few tips for women in UAE

Many people think that European women are not safe to travel to the eastern country. In fact, it is believed that the Muslim countries – is the safest place for a respectable woman who travels with the aim to relax and enrich the cultural, rather than looking for adventures. So how do you have to look and act in a foreign country, to not to offend the local population, or to find troubles.

Firstly, of course, revealing miniskirts, tops and décolleté will have to stay at home. To the journey it is better to take long skirts, loose trousers, make sure that the clothing covers the elbows, knees and neck area. If your sightseeing tour includes spiritual places there, do grab a shawl or scarf to cover your head.

But even if you look like very modest as any European woman you will attract attention. Indeed, in these latitudes, you will look quite exotic. It is best not to respond to courtship from men, especially if they are trying very hard, for example, to show you the city or offer any other assistance.

If you are accompanied by your man, it is better to hold your feelings and passion to yourself and avoid love showing on the streets. In public places it is better not to kiss, hug or even hold hands.

Please note, that men and women in the East have very different lifestyle. There are a lot of places, institutions, where women are not allowed, respect that and do not validate rules. If you are going for lunch to the cafeteria make sure that you can enter it.

Keep in mind that traveling to a foreign country, you should always take into account the rules and customs of the local people, try to find in it an opportunity to learn and experience something new.