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Do`s and Don’ts in the UAE?

Do`s and Don’ts in the UAE?

Traveling to a foreign country with a completely different culture and religion always has its own specifics. The United Arab Emirates is no exception. To stay in this country and get only positive memories, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. Obtaining the laws, you will be able to fully experience the country’s flavor.

Let’s start with the fact that if your passport has Israeli visa in it, unfortunately, you probably will not get to the Emirates.

Despite the fact that the Emirates is hot tourist country, you should get used to that a swimsuit and swimming trunks may be worn only on the territory of a beach or a pool. Girls can even be fined for too outspoken appearance, try to show respect for other people’s religion and to look the most modest.

Do not take pictures of local women – it may be deemed as insult, and it is desirable for the shot to not accidently capture government agencies, banks, military facilities. In the UAE, you cannot cross the road in the wrong place, throw garbage on the street or smoke in public places, not that it’s impossible conditions to obey, but even such innocent at first glance violations can cost you a fine of about $ 135.

It is worth mentioning that the body of tourists do not always perceive the local water, so at least the first time it is better to drink bottled or mineral water. But exotic cuisine still worth a try, to many dishes is simply impossible to resist.

Despite some taboos in the UAE there is always place of fun, the main thing in the right place and the right time.